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Digital professional welder with job storage and optimal welding properties even on thin sheets.


- DC TIG welding

- MMA / ARC Electrode Hand Welding

- TIG pulse function - pulse welding

Scope of delivery + tungsten electrodes

Descript of WIG 200PD

High performance in a compact design.

The Tokyo 2300 is a small yet rugged, high-performance DC TIG and stick welder designed for alloy manufacturing, process piping or complex maintenance. Accurate and refined HF ignition and the necessary control, power and performance to perform a variety of professional welding tasks reliably. Only 10.9kg heavy, the machine automatically connects to 115V or 230V (in PFC) service and has simple torch connections that allow a quick change from TIG to bar welding.

Important functions & device information at a glance

Precision Arc Performance:

♦ Pulse control:

♦ Built-in pulse functions help minimize the effect of heat on thin materials and provide a faster freeze-weld puddle for upward welding on curved surfaces such as piping. The TIG pulser also helps with moderate filler metal separation for a consistent drip load.

♦ High Frequency TIG Start :

♦ Facilitates the creation of an arc under different conditions.

♦ Improves quality by minimizing the potential for weld contamination created by tungsten inclusions in the weld.

♦ Powerful with powerful power sources at maximum output current: 200A @ 60%.

♦ Easy operation and full functions: All the necessary settings for the DC Pulse TIG welding with the device can be made via the control panel, either HF or contact ignition.

Technical specifications
Output Current TIG10-200 A
Output Current MMA/ARC/STICK10-200 A
Duty cycle TIG60% bei 200 A
Duty cycle MMA/ARC/STICK60% bei 200 A
Open circuit voltage56 V
Protection classIP21S
Isolation classF
Input Voltage230 V AC (+-15%) / 1 ~
Eingangsfrequenz50/60 Hz
Fuse min.16 A
Max. input current26 A
Max. input Power6,1 kVA
Recommended Generator-Power> 7 kVA / 1 ~
Size L x W x H mm without Handle 
Size L x W x H mm with Handle 
PlugSchuKo-Bauart CEE 7/7
NormsIEC 60 974-1 ; CE ;S-Sign

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