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Stahlwerk WIG TIG 300 mit PULS S

Purchase at a retailer or directly from the manufacturer - the steel plant.

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Long-term supply of spare parts .

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Descript of Stahlwerk WIG TIG 300 mit PULS S

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What you should therefore take as a customer? - Confidence!

Our key terms for trust are :

Purchase at a retailer or directly from the manufacturer - the steel plant.

Markings and warranty information.

Long-term supply of spare parts .

Repair service in-house.

Invoice including VAT.

Steel Mill - Everything from one source!

We are not saying that you need to buy from us! But if they do - you will benefit from the most advanced solutions , the efficiency and the ongoing support we guarantee you a manufacturer.

We grow with the demands of our customers and we also offer:

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Important functions & device information at a glance


Pulse function more power without increasing the temperature of the material significantly , thus preventing the burning of the workpiece.

Antistick = prevents the overheating of the electrode , because the power is terminated immediately

Hot start = automatic voltage increase at the start

HF ignition = high-frequency contactless ignition to the workpiece

MMA = electric hand welding up to 5 - gauge needle

2 stroke and 4 stroke - circuit for 2- stroke must be pushed and held by the TIG tube package the torch button when the button is released the arc is extinguished . For 4-stroke after pressing the arc remains stable. Only by re- pressing the torch button the arc is extinguished and the current reduction occurs automatically with the gas lag time. Professional settings with which they achieve results of a quality that also inspire every professional.

Tube package with ball joint and integrated switch .

Gas solenoid valve : only opens when pressing the hand torch or the foot pedal and closes when the welding process is completed.

Overheating protection: jumps once the machine is overloaded. A red indicator light turns on and goes out when the unit has cooled down .

Automatic cooling by fan

Welding with pulsing - penetrates deeper into the workpiece .

With adjustable rotary switches welding parameters

Welding current: Adjustable from 10 to 300 amps.

Current reduction: prevent blowholes at the end of the weld. After turning off the hose package, the device goes into an automatic slope- slow . During this phase, the current of the set value for welding current is lowered to the circuit current. The duration of this phase is adjustable from 0 to 10 seconds .

Gas Trail: Protects the tungsten electrode against excessive wear and protects the weld from oxidation

Pulse current : adjustable between 10-300 A.

Impulsrequenz : is between 0.5 to 300 Hz adjustable .


Very important: Only after you have the switch actuated by the TIG tube or the foot pedal , the amp setting is visible .


Steel welding machines have a variety of applications . Whether as a hobby - motorcycles, cars , trucks, classic cars, model building, stairs and balcony railing or in the professional and industrial sectors such as Shipbuilding, metal , locksmith services, aircraft , garden , landscaping and welding schools, even the highest quality requirements are successfully met with steel welding equipment.



Brand quality for professionals

  Eingangsspannung400 V AC
  Eingangsfrequenz50/60 Hz
  Schweißstärke0,8 bis 15 mm
  Einschaltdauer bei 300 A60 %
  Einschaltdauer bei 232 A100%
  Anzeige des Ausgangsstroms   10 ~ 300 A


HF - Zündung (kontaktlos)

  Netzabsicherung16 A


  Gewicht16,2 Kg
  Maße L x B x H (mm)

   480 x 205 x 305 (ohne Griff)   

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