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VECTOR Profesional Plasma Cutter C41 Pilot Arc Inveter cutting 20MM Non-HF Arc CNC

Digital Plamsa cutting, DC-Plasmacutter, DC-cutter Plasma Equipment 40 A  Non-HF   

Descript of VECTOR Profesional Plasma Cutter C41 Pilot Arc Inveter cutting 20MM Non-HF Arc CNC

The heavy duty plasma cutting power source.

The CUT-C41 is designed from the base of full digital control system,specifically for the handyman or tradesman that requires high quality cutting performance at an affordable price. This single phase inverter based power source can easily and accurately cut through a range of materials including mild/stainless steel and aluminum. It is ideal for applications including car panels, light maintenance or fabrication and for use in the home workshop.

Powerful with heavy duty cycle of 40% at 40A, the maximum output.

CUT-C41: Non-HF ignition with Trafimet S45 torch or Parker SCP 40 ensures the excellent cutting performance.

The CUT-C41 also could be ordered with PFC system.

The CUT-C41 Air plasma cutting system is portable and easy to achieve precise cutting.

The CUT-C41 plasma cutting systems are portable enough to carry to any jobsite. Hook up the compressed air, grab the torch and start cutting right away.

Important functions & device information at a glance

Specialist Features

♦ Pilot Arc for superior arc performance and easy start. HF or Non-HF Arc

♦ HF or Non-HF Arc ignition: reliable plasma arc initiation without high frequency.

♦ Continuous Output Control: focus the arc for different material thickness.

♦ Rapid Arc Restrike: fast cutting through gaps, even expanded metal.

♦ Powerful with heavy duty: 100A @60%.

♦ Recommended 30mm quality cut capacity (0.5 m/min, with optional torch).

♦ Generator power supply friendly. 

♦ Auto-reconnects for single phase 115/230V 50/60 Hz input allows the flexibility to work in the shop or take in the field where 230V may not be available.

♦ Weight around 13 kg making it easy to carry around the workplace .

Technical specifications

Weight13 kg
Power Source DimensionsL385mmxW170mmxH325mm
CoolingFan Cooled
Welder TypeInverter Power Source
European StandardsEN 60974-1 / IEC 60974-1
Number of Phases1
Nominal Supply Voltage230V +/- 15%
Nominal Supply Frequency50/60Hz
Welding Current Range (CUT Mode)20 - 40A
Effective Input Current /STICK /TIG18A
Maximum Input Current/STICK/ TIG28.5A
Single Phase Generator Requirement7.5KVA
Open circuit voltage260-330V DC
Protection ClassIP23S

miscellaneousGas fabric connection hose: 3 m ground cable 3 meters

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