Products Name:    Combo unit CT-520 WIG/ MMA/ Plasma

Products Price:    $ 559   (wt tax)

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3 in 1 combination welding device

All welding technology in one device (No Aluminium):

- TIG welder with 200 amp

- Manual metal arc welding (MMA) with 200 amp

- Plasma cuter with 50 amp / CUT 50


  • Highest efficiency for all requirements with reproducible welding results and excellent quality through the fully digital inverter welding technology
  • Easy to understand operating concepts for each choice of particular setting, so you can concentrate fully on your welding task
  • Through powerful TIG arc - faster, better and easier welding across the entire power range
  • Intelligent housing design with optimized air exchange
  • Powerful, high duty cycle of 60% at 200amps
  • Quickly cooling ventilator allows a exploitation of maximum power
  • TIG welding of 0.8 up to10 mm with consistently high quality. Also thin sheet welding is possible.
  • DC Function – DIRECT CURRENT for steel or VA)


STAHLWERK CT 520 TIG MMA PLASMA offers the highest welding comfort in the vehicle, machinery, plant -and metal tool, with stair and balcony railings, pipes, tanks, appliances, car bodies, etc.

Always a clean weld on all workpieces !!!

The newly developed WIG TIG INVERTER series and welding equipment, allows you not only steel, but also un-and low-and high-alloy steels, nickel-based alloys, copper, and special materials and other ferrous metals with DC function (direct current) perfect to weld. (For aluminum the AC- alternating current function is required.) THIS DEVICE IS A PURE DC DEVICE (DIRECT CURRENT) 


With the system chip MOSFET (Toshiba) our devices have a high-performance technology that is proven since 1998. The Stahlwerk CT 520 TIG/MMA/Plasma includes the most advanced, innovative, easy-to-use quality engineering, so even beginners with the TIG welding process work easily. Compared to conventional welding equipment, the unique HF Inverter technology has many advantages. Smaller volume, reduced weight, continuously variable regulation, energy saving etc.. The application of inverter technology allows a focused and permanent power output. This made an adjustment much more precise and practical. Our welder is working in a tube package with a ball joint and integrated switch. (Similar models work with cable ties)


Welding with comfort

You can use the STAHLWERK CT 520 TIG MMA PLASMA with a foot pedal, that will allow you a convenient and comfortable welding. The foot pedal and another accessory articles for TIG or plasma devices can be found in the Shop>>>


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You have never TIG welded? Service is a top priority. Each customer has his own personal account manager, who supports the customer in the execution of his appointment or assists him for questions and advice. The customer is served during and after the warranty period from us. In case of problems, call us, we are always available. You are also welcome to visit us. Our motivated team will always find a positive solution for you. Take advantage from our services. Everyone is welcome to test our equipment in detail under the guidance of our experts.

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